Instagram Follower Apps In 2023 For Android

With over a billion active monthly users, Instagram has emerged as one of the most widely used social networking apps worldwide. Many individuals and businesses use Instagram to promote themselves and increase their visibility. However, growing an Instagram following is difficult, especially for new accounts. This has led to the development of Instagram follower apps that promise to help people raise their number of followers.

Instagram Follower Apps

About Instagram Follower Apps

The basic Instagram follower apps are tools that claim to increase the number of followers a user has. They operate by automatically following and unfollowing other platform users. The idea is that by following other users, some of them will follow back, leading to an increase in the number of followers.

Types of Instagram Follower Apps

Instagram follower apps have the following categories:

  • Fake Instagram Follower Apps

Apps in this category use automated bots to follow and like other users’ posts, which in turn results in some of these users following the account using the app. However, these fake followers are not real people and do not engage with the account’s content. In addition, using these apps will put an account at risk of being banned by Instagram.

  • Real Follower Apps

Apps in this category aim to help users gain real, organic followers through a combination of strategies, such as optimizing their profile, using relevant hashtags, and engaging with other users. Such as InstaPro APK These apps are more time-consuming, but the followers gained are real people who are likely to engage with the account’s content.

  • Paid Instagram Follower Apps

Paid follower apps offer a range of features, including the automated following and unfollowing, targeting specific users or hashtags, and setting up a schedule for the app to run. Some popular paid apps include Jarvee, Follow Adder, and Instagress.

  • Free Instagram Follower Apps

Free Instagram follower apps offer limited features and may not deliver the desired results. Additionally, they may even put in Instagram’s terms of service violation, affecting the user’s account. We don’t recommend utilizing free follower apps.

Risks of Using Follower Apps

Regardless of whether an app promises real or fake followers, using an Instagram follower app will result in several risks to an account.

  • Ban by Instagram

Instagram has strict policies against using automated tools to increase an account’s followers or engagement. If the platform detects that an account is using such tools, it will ban the account, resulting in the loss of all followers and the inability to use the platform.

  • Decreased Engagement

Even if an app promises real followers, the followers gained are not interested in the account’s content, leading to decreased engagement.

  • Inaccurate Results

Some apps make false promises, such as guaranteed follower increases, which will result in disappointment and frustration.


Although using Instagram follower applications will appear like a quick and simple approach to growing a user’s following, they come with several risks. Instead, it is recommended to focus on organic growth strategies, such as creating engaging content and interacting with other users, to build a real and engaged following on the platform.

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